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Jul 18, 2010 7:30am PDT
in the u.s. >> back to what is happening here in the u.s. if we are having the epidemic shift into minority communities, is it still the astigma temp assigned to being gay in the african american community and drug use preventing the education from going on. >> exactly. if you notice a few minutes ago i said men seeking men. >> right. >> in the african american community that is a term we use to draw in people who don't want the quote unquote gay label because there are a lot of men who identify as men having sex with men but do not want or identify with the gay label. >>> they are receiving education or where is the -- >> is it education or just that they won't accept -- well, i mean we have the services and education for years is it a cultural block or what? >> i personally believe it is a cultural block in the sense of not being tapped into what the general population is looking at. and you also need to look at it i believe on a socio-economic level depending on who you are talking to. we have a challenge in that we have to talk to a wide spectrum where as for instance the white gay comm
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1